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Skate Fitting

Skate Fitting

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Purchasing a proper fitting pair of skates is one of the most important things you will do before hitting the ice. An improperly fit skate will prove to be problematic. Skating in a boot which is too narrow, too big, too small or too wide will affect your game; lace bite, pressure points, aches and blisters are all avoidable problems. There is a skate for everyone and it is essential when buying skates to research the different fits, try a number of skates from different fit families and speak with an educated professional in store. At West End Sports we are committed to finding your ideal 360degree fit. Every boot fits differently; in store we carry a number of Bauer and CCM skate models, both companies have 3 different fit families to accommodate specific customers. The three fit families are Classic, Anatomical and Tapered. In store we will measure and examine the length, width and shape of your foot. Once complete we will give you an educated recommendation on what we believe will fit you best while also bringing you other boots to try for comparison. Once we have found a boot the customer is pleased with we provide the customer with a free heat mold and sharpening.

During each skate fit at West End Sports we will educate the customer about Superfeet. Superfeet are performance foot beds used for skates and different types of shoes in athletic and casual settings. Superfeet anchor the heel back into the foot beds heel cup placing the foot and leg in a neutral position. Superfeet stop the foot from elongating which allows the customer to fit into a skate which is true to size. Superfeet also help correct supination or pronation at the ankle, knee and hip placing you in your most ideal skating stance.

A proper fitting skate is needed to play at your best. As players ourselves, we at West End Sports understand your needs; we will do our best to solve your skating issues. We will find you your perfect fit and get you all set up for your next season. 


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