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Locally owned and operated sports store, come in and meet our team today!

In Store



Pro Shop

At West End Sports we have a fully equiped Proshop. We are able to assist you with all of your skating needs.

Proshop Services:

  • Skate Sharpening                                                                         
  • Blade Profiling                                                                                                       
  • Skate repairs (Steel, Holders)                                                
  • Steel/Copper Rivet Replacement                                                                                
  • Eyelet Replacement                                                                              
  • Professional Boot Fit (Heat Mold, Boot Punch, Boot Stretch)                         
  • Heltmet Repairs                                                                   
  • Stick Extensions & Ringette Tips
  • Stick Cutting                                


Skate Fitting

At West End Sports we take pride in finding every customer their perfect fit. If you need a pair of new skates or want to make sure your current set is fitting properly come into the store for a proffessional boot fit.

Our Technicians will:

  • Measure your feet.
  • Personally recommend a fit family based on the width and shape of your foot.
  • Inform you about the benifits of Superfeet Performance Insoles.
  • Fit and cut Superfeet Performance Insoles.
  • We finish the fit of the skates with a heat mold.
  • If needed we are able to punch out or stretch your skates.  

We care about the fit and feel of your skate we want to ensure every West End customer feels their best every time they hit the ice!

Shooting Gallery

Come practice your shot or try out a new stick your looking to buy. At West End Sports we have a 10"x30" synthetic ice surface for our customers to use anytime. Be sure to ask an employee before entering the rink or trying any of the displayed sticks.